The TkTreectrl module wraps the treectrl tk extension for use with Python/Tkinter.
I built the module on top of treectrl-2.1, so compatibility with older version of the treectrl widget cannot be guaranteed.
The treectrl widget allows to create fancy things like sortable multi column listboxes and hierarchical tree views. An impressive set of screenshots of things you can do with treectrl can be found at the treectrl web page.


Unpack the zip-archive and run:
    # python install
or simply copy the TkTreectrl folder into your Python installation's site-packages directory.

Of course you will also have to install the Tcl/Tk treectrl package to be able to use the TkTreectrl module.
On windows systems simply download the archive suitable for the Tk version in use and copy the contents of the archive into your Python installation's tcl folder.
On unix systems you will probably have to compile the treectrl package from the sources. To do so, download and unpack the latest tktreectrl-2.x.x.tar.gz archive, cd into the tktreectrl-2.x.x directory and type (as root)
    # ./configure && make && make install
If this fails it is most likely because configure cannot find the Tcl installation. In this case (or if you have multiple versions of Tcl/Tk installed) you have to pass the paths to the and to configure , as for example:
    # ./configure --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.4 --with-tk=/usr/lib/tk8.4
    # make
    # make install


There's a html reference manual included in the download. For more detailed information please refer to the treectrl man page (included in the treectrl distribution).


Please report any bugs to <klappnase (at) freakmail (dot) de>.


Once the TkTreectrl package is installed it is safe to do:
    from TkTreectrl import *
This adds the widget classes: Treectrl, MultiListbox, ScrolledTreectrl, ScrolledMultiListbox and ScrolledWidget into the current namespace.
Consult the scripts in the demo directory for a few usage examples.


Nov. 30 2006: TkinterTreectrl-0.6

The major change in this release is the introduction of a few new widget classes:
MultiListbox is a Treectrl widget set up to work as a (more or less) full-featured and very flexible multi column listbox widget.
The ScrolledTreectrl and ScrolledMultiListbox classes use ideas shamelessly stolen from Pmw.ScrolledListbox to add one or two static or automatic scrollbars to the widgets. They both inherit from the ScrolledWidget class that is supposed to make it easy to add scrollbars to any other Listbox or Canvas alike Tkinter widget.
Changes to the Treectrl widget:
I added the second (optional) last argument to column_delete(), which is new in treectrl-2.1.1 .
A bug in item_sort() was fixed: it is now possible to use the command and mode options together, which may be useful if you want to use the same command in increasing and decreasing mode. To enable this, mode now defaults to None instead of ascii.
Caution: this change may be backwards incompatible in some cases!
It is also possible now to specify a sequence of strings as mode, like mode=("integer", "decreasing").
The class variables TreectrlVersion, _last_element and _last_style were accidentally handled as instance variables, this has been fixed.

Jan. 22 2007: TkinterTreectrl-0.7

Added new features from treectrl-2.2 :
new methods:
bbox(), column_tag_add(), column_tag_expr(), column_tag_names(), column_tag_remove(), item_tag_add(), item_tag_expr(), item_tag_names(), item_tag_remove(), item_descendants(), item_enabled().
methods accepting new (optional) arguments:
selection_get(), column_count(), item_count()
Bug fixes:
item_id() was broken if no matching item exists; item_dump() tried to convert textual strings into integers
Interface changes:
item_id() now returns a tuple of matching ids instead of an integer; this is necessary, so the new feature of multiple items matching the same tag can be used.
CAUTION: this is backwards incompatible!

Nov. 10 2007: TkinterTreectrl-0.8

In previous versions "package require treectrl" was only called when creating the first Treectrl widget which seemed to fail in some situations; now on every widget creation "package require treectrl" is called.
A __version__ attribute was added to .
Besides this I replaced the happydoc html docs with those generated by a hacked standard pydoc which makes the docs somewhat easier to handle.

Aug. 08 2010: TkinterTreectrl-1.0

I updated the Treectrl class and the documentation to reflect the changes and new features since treectrl-2.2 to treectrl-2.2.10 .
A bug in Treectrl.selection_get() that caused a TypeError to be raised when selection_get() was called with "first" and/or "last" arguments and a single item was currently selected is now fixed.
MultiListbox.insert() now returns the item id of the newly created item.
Besides this I finally updated the version to 1.0 ; I've been using the TkTreectrl modules for years now without any problems, so I believe it deserves it.

Nov. 20 2012: TkinterTreectrl-2.0

This release brings a couple of major improvements:

May 06 2013: TkinterTreectrl-2.0.1

I fixed a bug in the MultiListbox class that prevented lists from being accepted as argument for the columns option (thanks to Василий Молостов).

Feb. 19 2018: TkinterTreectrl-2.0.2

Fixed a small but serious bug that stopped the Treectrl widget from working properly with Python versions >= 3.5 . With Python-3.5 a modified _getints() function was introduced in tkinter which caused exceptions to be raised with Treectrl. As a workaround Treectrl._getints() is now overridden with the same code Python2 uses.


TkinterTreectrl is available on its sourceforge site


Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are highly welcome.
Please mailto:
Michael Lange <klappnase (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net>
or open a ticket at TkinterTreectrl's bug tracker.


TkinterTreectrl is released in the public domain.

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